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Alcoholocaust presents: The Criminals, VKTMS, The Rinds

jan17-flyerTHE CRIMINALS (Recess, Lookout)
Known so far: the band rose from the ashes of BLATZ and THE GR’UPS along with other misdemeanors including the HI-FIVES, RED #9, four previous EPs and a full length album out on Lookout Records.

“Playing gigs with the Dead Kennedys, DOA, Pinball machine, Mutants, and so forth at the legendary Mabuhay Gardens, around the San Francisco Bay area, and up and down the coast helped establish the VKTMS sound and style. Shows with the Sweep, Johnny Thunders and other godfathers toughened the music even more. VKTMS also became the ritual sacrificial offering for many touring acts (Stranglers, Roky Erikson, 999, Killing Joke, Wall of Voodoo, Bush Tetras, Fear, Psychedelic Furs, Delta 5, and many others) when they is on drugs through town.”