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Roundball Rock — live podcast taping! EARLY FREE SHOW! 6pm-7:30pm

There’s no better time than the NBA Finals being in town than for the first-ever live taping of ROUNDBALL ROCK, the hit podcast discussing and mocking NBA basketball featuring Bleacher Report writer Dave Schilling (Grantland, The Guardian) along with former SF turned LA comedians Joey Devine and Sean Keane.

Schaffer the Darklord, Adam WarRock, Tribe One, Dual Core

Sick Passenger is the fifth full-length release from NYC-based rapper and comedian Schaffer the Darklord. Picking up where his 2009 album Manslaughterer left off, this concept album follows STD through his first session with an enigmatic and antagonistic psychotherapist. Over the course of thirteen songs and eight skits, the troubled rapper faces his fears, discusses his dependency on sex, drugs & applause and explores his use of fantasy as a coping mechanism to escape the debilitating anxiety he suffers from life in the big city. Featuring cameos from the likes of MC Frontalot, Adam WarRock, Rocco Katastrophe and Dr. Awkward and beats from producers including Dave Famous, Soce the Elemental Wizard, Kabuto the Python and Coozley, Sick Passenger includes such songs as Boo! (I’m a Ghost!), Do Sex, Afraid of Everything, Tomgirl and many more. Longtime fans can expect a very revealing look inside Schaffer’s mind by the time they reach the album’s conclusion. Stand clear of the closing doors please.

adamwarrockADAM WARROCK (Memphis)
Hip hop for the internet/geek crowd. Enthusiasm to spare.

TRIBE ONE (Atlanta)


Club Chuckles Ten Year Anniversary Bash w/Chris Thayer, Donny Divanian, Caitlin Gill, Sean Keane, Jesse Elias, Joey Devine, Couples (ex-Something With Gentials), and Freakotronic!

Club Chuckles 10 Year Anniversary Bash w/Chris Thayer, Donny Divanian, Caitlin Gill, Sean Keane, Jesse Elias, Joey Devine, Couples (ex-Something With Gentials), and Freakotronic.

Since 2003, CLUB CHUCKLES, has presented a harrowing, dazzling array of stand-up, sketch, musical and unclassifiable comedy in a rock club setting. A bated-breath mess of loving, loathing, orgasmic hilarity, painfully uncomfortable liminal moments, existential stuntwork, rank professionalism, seasonal amateurism, unannounced lafftracks, and a lot of other stuff you had no idea you’d ever sit still for until now. Past performers include Neil Hamburger, Todd Barry, Reggie Watts, Tig Notaro, Brent Weinbach, Moshe Kasher, Jasper Redd, Louis Katz, Mary Van Note, Hard & Phirm, Dragon Boy Suede, Ali Wong, Beth Lisick, Alex Koll, Rob Cantrell, Amy Schumer, and more.

“Club Chuckles opened the rock music doors to a bunch of jokers and the local comedy landscape is far better for it. They’ve shaken their metaphorical full moon at the two-drink minimum and high ticket prices of traditional comedy clubs, and instead offers a ten-drink maximum and lesser dollar tickets to those hungry for something other than the modern-day equivalent of ‘Take my wife.’ Club Chuckles has committed itself to relentlessly weird, reliably hilarious performers.” – SF Weekly

“Club Chuckles: a swift kick in the rear end of the so-called alternative comedy scene.” – SF Gate