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Brother JT (Thrill Jockey), Carlton Melton, Peacers (ex-Sic Alps) — TICKETS ON SALE AT THE DOOR!

Saturday, August 15, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm | $10

The Brother JT saga (proper) begins in the early ’90s. The Brother had been doing a bunch of solo recording that he felt were outside the scope of the Sins. One night he ended up on a Siltbreeze tour that alighted at the rural homestead of bald, music fatty, Byron Coley. Chemicals were in the air, and when JT played him some tapes, the results were released as the first Brother JT album, Descent,on Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggars’ Twisted Village label. This led to an array of other JT projects, many of which paralleled the Sins’ trajectory, until he decided to pursue the Brother JT psych-path more exclusively. Results appeared on such labels as Drunken Fish, Siltbreeze and Drag City, and man, they were great. Now he has made his debut on Thrill Jockey, and it is, perhaps, his most outstanding effort yet.

The Svelteness of Boogietude is a typical of JT’s output in certain ways — rockers mixed with ballads, all of them crafted with causal elegance — but there are new elements here as well. In particular, there’s an attention to the legacy of later-period T. Rex, which results in tunes that kick total ass. Mr Coley, having seen Bolan play during his Zinc Alloy/Zip Gun Boogie period, went so far as to claim that “JT’s approach to this stuff equals that of the Master — huge riff-based anthems that balance glam dynamics with mystical history on the head of a pin. “ But JT also manages to pull of ballads that can remind one of Beat Happening (“Gliding”) or what it might be like to hear Warren Zevon covering the Velvets (“Somebody Down There”), a lost track by the Stalk Forrest Group (“Muffintop”) or even a Kevin Ayers/Scott Walker move so bold you’ll shiver (“I Still Like Cassettes”).

It’s inconceivable that anyone who truly digs rock music will not be sucked deeply into the vortex of Boogietude. We can only pray that you will hear it, to experience the massive wonders of he who is Brother JT. From his remote headquarters in Central PA, the Brother has let another massive arrow fly. Don’t not get in its way.

“Beloved SF psychedelic space rock minimalists” – Aquarius Records

With Mike Donovan formerly of Sic Alps.

Pop music in the new century – what’s it all about? Sliding up from out from under, from the old heart of the Bay Area…from out of nowhere even – it’s a special new band. Hands up for the sweet and sour popsicles of PEACERS, whose self-titled debut melts stickily on July 17th! In the hands of PEACERS, it is BAKED – a vanillan cake with sweet sooty icing. Shades of the Bratish invision: compressions and crushes, bone-shakes and glutinous thinks, a wisp of the blues, ardor and romance scraping like the ceiling at your back. Standing tall in a tangle of guitars drums, SLAPBACK, wireless hiss interference and other mixed signals (in STEREO), PEACERS’ debut is a max dash through the gutted and the gutter, all of which is written home about with a gleeful cock of the skull and twinkle in eye. Jolly! The perspex of the songs and production alike is saddled and well-traveled, but fresh under the glass – unmistakably out the poison-nib(well) of Mike Donovan, whose hits with Sic Alps will live forever, like candy wrappers glittering up from the sewer. And who’s producing you, Peacers? Mike D’s ole SF cohort himself, Ty Segall, whose rhythm sections and arrangement-commendations re-cast most of the tunes on the rec with copacetic co-ness! PEACERS – good wishes, but love and peace? Come on. A great record’ll do – so dig the tunes on July 17th. And be sure to take the few extra steps to see PEACERS in action – Donovan on tour with Eric Park and Wendy Farina (SF, seasoned, noise-world pedigree, 2-piece bands – Duct Tape, Speaker Glue, etc) everywhere that you are or will be! Thanks PEACERS.


August 15, 2015
9:00 pm - 11:55 pm


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